Evaluators┬┤ Network

Welcome to Prof. Zenner and his Germany-wide network of Clinical Evaluators

In Germany, practically all medical subjects are represented by specialists in our partner network. In addition, there are partners with a university degree in engineering, pharmacy and business management. Some of the specialists are among the world leaders in their field with national and international appeal.

It is part of our vocation to focus on protecting the patient and at the same time we want to use medical devices with a favorable risk-benefit profile for the benefit of the patient. The network helps us to a broad, if necessary. transdisciplinary portfolio of competencies in clinical-conservative and -operative activity with medical devices, in R & D, in analytics, diagnostics, scientific research and clinical research and in the management of the resulting, increasing knowledge.

We focus on patient protection and at the same time we want medical devices with a favorable benefit / risk profile to be better available to patients. We want to contribute to increasing the patient benefit of medical devices with positive benefit-risk profile (pNR) through in-depth examinations, extensive research and proprietary tools and knowledge.

We are independent and free from outside influence within the legal and professional ethical framework. The entry into Prof. Zenner's network of partners means being constantly furthered by the network.