Finanzkonsolidierung durch Werttreiber

I. Revenues and enterprise value

Clinical evaluation is based primarily on the predominant benefit for the patient and on the well-being of the patient, but also the value added chain with expenditure and revenue can be taken into account. Successful clinical reviews and if necessary. Studies are costly, but can also increase enterprise value and help increase revenue. But we can also contribute to the direct generation of revenue by preparing the arguments for G-BA / NUB procedures .


Clinical Evaluation, Clinical Trials & Medical Writing
Clinical evaluation and if necessary. Studies can be supported by us up to CE approval and PMS. The Clinical Assessment Body Prof. Zenner and Partners can also provide clinical evaluation and documentation for G-BA / NUB procedures.

II. Value orientation of strategy, structures, processes and employees

Furthermore, in view of the changed regulatory sphere, in particular due to the new EU MDR, the company must look at strategy, structures and processes in order to to carry out a valuable change management with the goal of securing or increasing revenue. In this context, clinically oriented personal training may be required in relation to the circumstances of the new EU MDR in order to secure or increase revenue.


Medical Stategy & Business Administration Consulting
Specialists with a degree in Business Administration (MBA) or international professional experience with global consulting firms (eg BCG) provide support at the interface of medicine and business with the re-designing of structures and processes of the manufacturer to fulfill the clinical requirements of the new EU MDR , In addition, there are personnel development measures of the Academy Prof. Zenner.

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