1. Medical Counselling & Scientific Advice

Manufacturer's support from A-Z

We can accompany you from the product idea to the approval to clinical PMS.

The entire development period of a medical device can be clinically supported by Prof. Zenner and his partners in many development phases. In addition, medical assistance may come with clinical PMS.

Your product idea

Medical examination and scientific advice for the product idea.

For strategic decision-making and patenting before entering into cost-intensive development, Prof. Zenner and his partners can evaluate product ideas from a clinical perspective in order to clinically secure the entrepreneurial or contra decision. In addition to extensive experience in clinical evaluation, in-house development and application (eg active neuroimplants), there are also own patents for medical devices.

Clinical development plan

A clinical development plan may be required by law.

Clinical Assessment Body Prof. Zenner and Partners can assume responsibility for the development of the clinical development plan for the company. Prof. Zenner. Clinical Support & Writing

Preclinical tests

Timely assessment of the clinical design of preclinical tests prior to their implementation can be the right medical, economic, and time-critical

The clinical evaluation center Prof. Zenner and partners can support the company in the clinical interpretation of the preclinical tests and their evaluation and documentation


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