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HPZenner Ensyme® - The Health Company Builder

HPZenner Ensyme® builds, invests and partners to build up sustainable digital health companies to tomorrow´s digital health market leaders.

Our Services

Market Access. Clinical Product Development. Technical Product Development. Operational and Financial Support.
DiGA. Benefit from HPZenner´s approach to the world´s largest digital therapeutics reimbursement market HPZenner Clinical Research Organization (CRO). Paving the way of your medical device to the market. The HPZenner Future Workshop. HPZenner´s R&D division. Ensyme - HPZenner´s Digital Health Corporate Venture Builder. HPZenner Ensyme® enables Start Up Entrepreneurs to develop their innovative digital health product and to build their medical device company.


HPZenner® and Ensyme® are registered trademarks.

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